Liesel Polizzi, PhD, HSPP

‘Telling ones’ story’, exploring the meaning of feelings and behaviors, and understanding the underlying dynamics and causes of problems are all important strategies Dr. Polizzi utilizes to create positive changes in a person’s life. In a conversational style, she uses a psychodynamic, interpersonal approach in therapy. Dr. Polizzi also draws upon Family Systems theories, Gestalt work, and CBT therapies to help provide history and context for a person’s struggles.

 Dr. Polizzi received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Duquesne University and has worked over 22 years in the mental health field primarily with adults, couples, families and teens. She has taught courses at various colleges and universities in the fields of counseling and psychology and has worked with outpatient, intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs through Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. Additionally, she has worked with individuals and groups with an agency specializing in the prevention and treatment of child abuse, including physical, sexual and emotional traumas. Dr. Polizzi has also provided treatment for individuals coping with anxiety, managing their stress, and recovering from depression. Other issues she has covered included Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, coping with health problems, anger management (both voluntary and court ordered treatment), and issues with body image and of grief or loss.  


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