Medications & Medication Refills

It is a common misconception that those who are suffering emotionally lack character and strength. This is far from the truth. Our patients not only seek symptom relief, but also display the courage and hard work to look at themselves, their lives and take positive steps to change.

Medications may be part of your treatment. If medication is prescribed, we will explain why we have chosen a certain medication and any potential side effects. Most of the medications we use take time to work. It will be important for you to take your medications as prescribed and be willing to give it a chance. This may take up to 7 to 21 days.

Because of the potential risks and side effects of certain medications, they may need to be adjusted; therefore, we will normally give you only enough medication to last until your next appointment. Please see the Important Safety Information accompanying each medication for additional information.

It is important for you to let us know about any other medications you are taking, either prescribed by other physicians, or purchased over-the-counter, such as cold pills, diet aids or homeopathic drugs.

If you have questions about the instructions for your medication, or if you are concerned about side-effects, you can call us and select the medication refills option.


Medication Refill Policy

All prescription medications require regular appointments and careful monitoring as part of your care.  We make every effort to prescribe enough medication to last until your next appointment.  

It is our policy to not call-in medications.  However, if you need a medication refilled because of a missed appointment or because you were ordered to adjust the amount you were taking by us between appointments, we may phone in an amount enough to last until your next visit.  

Medication refills are not a medical emergency.  

Refill requests will be processed only during routine office hours (not during evenings, weekends, or holidays), and usually take 2-3 business days to complete.  A call-in medication fee may be assessed to your account. This fee is not covered by your insurance.

To request a medication refill, You can call us and select the medication refills option to leave a message with your information.  Please be sure to leave your full name, date of birth, call back number, the medication name, dose and instructions, and the reason for requesting the refill.

Call-In Medication Fees: 

  • $10.00 – 1st prescription
  • $  5.00 – additional prescriptions


NOTE: Please note that certain medications (Ritalin®, Concerta®, Adderall®, Vyvanse®, etc.) are considered controlled substances and require a paper prescription.  If this is the case, we will call you when your written script is ready to pick up at our office.

Trademark Information:
Ritalin is a registered trademark of Novartis Pharmaceuticals Company.
Concerta is a registered trademark of ALZA Corporation.
Adderall is a registered trademark of Shire Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Vyvanse is a registered trademark of Shire LLC.