Patient Privacy

Trust is the foundation of successful therapy. At Hendricks Therapy, we follow strict guidelines to preserve your confidentiality rights. Our Notice of Privacy Practices is available on our website and upon request at each of our offices. This Notice provides specific information on how your health information will be used by our staff.

Your written consent is required on an Authorization For Release of Mental Health Records for any disclosure of information by our staff to other persons, organizations, or agencies, except in the rare cases of court orders, child abuse, life threatening situations, and national security issues. This form may also be used to request records from other providers, organizations, or agencies.

While fax remains the primary way for sending secure information, we cannot guarantee confidentiality or security at the receiving end. If you provide a fax number, please ensure that the recipient will ensure the confidentiality of your personal health information.

Email is more and more common, and your therapist may provide you with an email for communicating outside of an appointment. Hendricks Therapy takes precautions to ensure that any email communications are kept private within our practice. Email is not a secure or confidential form of communication, however, so please use your discretion in sharing personal information by email. If you receive a response by email, then such information should not be forwarded to others and should be considered specific to your private use.